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Letter: Whatever happened to doing what is right?

What is wrong with our great country lately? Since when is spending billions of dollars exploring the dirt on Mars more important than creating jobs and turning this horrible economy back around?

I understand the need to explore but shouldn’t it be done with the money left over after we get everyone fed and working? Shouldn’t we be helping the out of work people get new skills so they can get back to work and contribute to society again, instead of just being a drain on it? What’s the old saying about giving a man a fish? Aren’t we just giving fish to the unemployed instead of teaching them to fish?

Shouldn’t the government require GM to pay back all of its loan to the U.S. before finishing its fifth factory in China and investing in other foreign countries? Couldn’t we have required them to bring some jobs back to the U.S. before just handing them over billions of dollars?

Isn’t it time to stop pointing fingers at Democrats or Republicans for our current problems and require our government to work together to create real change, or toss them out onto the streets and replace them with citizens that are more concerned with our welfare than with their bank accounts, and with people that are less concerned about who is right or wrong and more concerned with getting things accomplished.

Since when do we turn a blind eye to humans that are being destroyed by their government with poisonous gas? Some 400 children died a horrible, agonizing death and all we are worried about is politics and money, taking care of our own. “We are weary of war” you claim. Well, at least you are able to feel weary. Many feel nothing anymore because of a horrible man that is getting away with using chemical weapons on human beings.

Whatever happened to doing what is right? No one enjoys war, everyone would like to have peace on Earth, but sometimes taking a stand is necessary. Maybe those 1,500 murdered people weren’t Americans, but they were humans for God’s sake.

Ross Woodward


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