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Letter: What’s the specific bypass question?

First, I have to say I don’t live in town or have a business in town and wouldn’t even be able to vote. However, I have been following the bridge/bypass/traffic issue (for decades). I keep earnestly trying to figure out what the smartest thing is to do. I tend to waffle as I read each well thought out and passionate letter.

Initially, I thought the bridge design was a horrible monstrosity, but now I think that once we get used to it, it could be a good thing. Having lived in Southern California decades ago, I remember the huge flyways back there, and to be honest, they were dramatic and beautiful. I never pictured that for Glenwood, but maybe … At any rate, all this to say I don’t have a “dog in this hunt,” just a genuine desire for a good traffic solution and a love for this special little town.

Something that I couldn’t put my finger on about this issue has always really bothered me. And finally, while reading the paper Monday, about the governor being in Glenwood Springs and Carbondale, something finally gelled for me. Here’s the quote that sparked it: “He (the CDOT director) told the Post Independent later that no route for a bypass has ever been established, and no cost estimate has ever been made, but the project would be expensive and contentious.” Then I “got it.” Here’s what’s bothering me: If there were a vote, what would I be voting on? What’s the question? Wouldn’t we be voting for the concept of less traffic, which is not a workable solution? Wouldn’t getting consensus for the location, to figure out how to word the question, begin more decades of debate? What would the vote be, i.e., the wording? Without specific information, like location, cost, impact, how could one even vote? What’s the specific bypass question?

I still don’t know what side I’m on, other than for Glenwood Springs and for less traffic. What am I missing?

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