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Letter: Where are you on spectrum?

Michael Gibson
Glenwood Springs

Bernie is being labeled a socialist. Trump calls him a communist. The word “socialist” was usurped by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics way back, and they succeeded very well in making the word socialist a bad word.

But what do you call someone who appreciates things like public libraries; public roads; bike paths; public schools; public hospitals; the Postal Service; our national, state and town parks; community recreation centers; water treatment plants; public works departments; the U.S. military; and so many other vital elements of U.S. society?

There in that appreciative person, you have a socialist. Add the ability to vote democratically about all of that and other issues, and you have a democratic socialist. If that person has an awareness that humanity faces new challenges constantly, and that as a society we need to step up and make positive change to address those challenges, you have a progressive democratic socialist.

Not too surprisingly, most all of us are actually progressive democratic socialists. Whether you have called yourself a Republican, a Democrat, a Green, or an independent-unaffiliated voter – it simply becomes a question of what shade of progressive democratic socialist you are. Where are you in the spectrum?

Where is Bernie Sanders in that? He comes out as a compassionate progressive democratic socialist. Compassion that is acted upon is an element I’ve too often seen completely missing in other candidates. Bernie has consistently acted on that compassion over the past 18 years — he walks the talk, and encourages us to do the same, and to own our democracy. That is why I am volunteering to help his campaign, and asking for your help, too.

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