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Letter: Where do we draw the line?

PI Editor Randy Essex recently commented on Aspen Public Radio that Glenwood citizens seem comfortable with Glenwood Caverns’ intent to slap a quarter million lights all over Iron Mountain, and only one person complained.

Newcomer Randy can be forgiven not knowing his history. The development on top of Iron Mountain is in Garfield County and the commissioners could care less about land-use regulations. But the base of the operation is in the city and had to go through a public review process. When asked if the tram would reflect light, Steve Beckley, owner, said it will hardly be seen. When asked if anything on top will be seen from the city, Steve answered “nothing.” Now in front of our faces – a big building, swings, slides and lines, along with the noise of shouting and screaming people.

Aspen, of course, would not even consider such a theme park and conversion of the natural surroundings. Nor for that matter would Basalt or Carbondale. But Glenwood is different. Smartly so. We are going after tourist volume and the majority of Front Range bucks. But, given so many broken promises, where do we draw the line on giant light bombs and bad taste?

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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