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Letter: Where the right to smoke stops

Judith E. Kess
Glenwood Springs

Thank you, Jacquie Meitler. It was good to see a well-written letter regarding the downtown smoking issue. My parents grew up in an era where they were encouraged by ads to smoke cigarettes because “it was good for their health.”

Fortunately, we now have a wealth of information proving this to be an incredibly absurd notion that can seriously endanger both the health of the smoker and those exposed to second-hand smoke. Just like drinking alcohol and driving endangers the lives of countless others, smoking in public places endangers the health of those in proximity to the smokers.

I am a fervent proponent of personal freedom, but it is way past time to end this false notion of entitlement to smoke anywhere you choose to light up. Breathing is a basic necessity of continuing to live. Smoking is an addictive and proven health risk.

Your right to smoke stops where my right to breathe starts.

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