Letter: Where’s Klein’s halo? | PostIndependent.com

Letter: Where’s Klein’s halo?

Amy Barr

What a pleasant surprise to read the PI’s profile of Carbondale resident Carol Klein in this past Sunday’s paper — and on the front page, no less.

Carol seems to be everywhere there’s a need for what we in the nonprofit world call “community engagement.” In fact, several years ago, I forgot to contact her to ask her to volunteer, yet again, to help with the Carbondale Rotary Club’s annual Happening fundraiser for scholarships for local students, but that didn’t stop Carol. She called to gently admonish me and to remind me that she’d be there, helping with the silent auction and “whatever else you need me to do.”

However, I am shocked at my local paper for its apparent editing of Carol’s photo to remove her halo. For shame!

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