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Letter: Where’s the balance?

I wish to applaud you on your attempt to level the political balance of the liberal leaning Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

What does puzzle me, however, is the rules that you have imposed on proposed conservative writers. A quote from your March 6 invitation: “I’ll tell you up front that we won’t run columns asserting that Barack Obama is not a citizen or that he is a Muslim or that Hillary Clinton ordered troops not to swoop into Benghazi and stop the attack on the American mission there. We won’t go there because these things aren’t true by any reliable source.”

Earlier in your invitation you state, “Hey, it’s an opinion page. But I do want to offer a balanced discussion.” At this point I am confused. From the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, “In general, an opinion is a judgment, view point or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective.” It goes on to say “it (opinion) may refer to unsubstantiated information, in contrast to knowledge and fact.” Oh well. It’s your newspaper and you get to make the rules.

Oh, by the way, could you remind us of the rules that you made for your liberal/progressive opinion writers? I am sure that you published them somewhere, but I have not been able to find them. In case you forgot them, let me make a few suggestions. You won’t run columns asserting that 156 percent of all scientists believe that the climate is changing and man is causing it. Or how about, Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist, can pay for free college and free Medicare for everybody by taxing the rich (single taxpayer making more than $125,000). Or maybe something like people don’t kill people, guns kill people … just a few ideas. Thanks for listening.

William Maltby

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: We’re 156 percent in favor of fact-based, researched opinions from the left, right or center. We don’t use Wikipedia as a source, but we agree with its statement that “people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts.”

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