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Letter: Who gets protection?

Some of us in Battlement Mesa knew it was a losing fight against the money from oil and gas, but we thought maybe the county commissioners would at least listen to us a little bit and make Ursa drill outside the PUD (which Ursa could have done).

Who should be protecting the citizens of Battlement Mesa if not the county commissioners? But I see where John Stroud wrote on Sept. 4, 2015, “Garfield County commissioners earlier this summer also reiterated their opposition to the use of Four Mile Road as a haul route to get a drilling rig and other equipment to and from the well site.”

Doesn’t Commissioner Jankovsky have a stake in not having oil and gas trucks using the road to “his” Sunlight Mountain Resort? It seems to me that the county commissioners protected Jankovsky’s interests, but not ours. Two commissioners are up for re-election.

Sandy Mochary

Battlement Mesa

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