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Letter: Who has best interests?

Regarding Kevin Grantham’s op-ed:

Mr. Grantham, duh! the Paris climate accords were a “gentleman”s agreement” so why go out of the way to get out of them? Duh. Everything Obama must go. The Paris climate accords are a well-intended commitment to make the world a better place. Do you have a problem with that? Yes, you do, because some Colorado leaders (not followers) choose to try to make the world a better place.

You actually go out of your way to point out China. So childish, so sad … should we not as a state, indeed a nation, set the example of change rather than point at China and India and say “but they get to …” sad lip sticking out, poor us.

Projections are that the United States will achieve a point in or around 2025 when the cost of renewable energies are equal per kilowatt to fossil fuels. The reason that we will achieve that milestone is because some leaders have had the forethought to seek those goals.

The Paris Climate Accords are a destination, not a mandate, and should be respected as such.

Wow! you are Colorado Senate president, Donald Trump is president and Mitch is Senate majority leader even as he represents the the poorest state in the nation and then takes the most in federal dollars. I cannot help but be dubious about Republican answers to the best interests of our nation.

Marco Diaz


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