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Letter: Who will push responsibility?

I read Bryan Whiting’s column on responsibility and setting an example in the Post Independent and was reminded that there are still some folks who understand. I was further encouraged when, after forwarding the column to a couple of his 1990 vintage students, they also resoundingly “hoo-raahed” the postulate of his column. But I have to wonder, who will do something?

Who will say something to the parents of a child behaving badly in public?

Who will say something to the parents of a child underperforming or even disrupting at school or on the bus?

Who will say something to the employers who violate the law by employing workers not here legally?

Who will say something to the landlords-cum-slum lords or the enforcement personnel about the multiple friends and families living in residences legally zoned R-1?

Who will say something about the blatantly unsafe work practices we see all over the valley?

Who will chase the shoplifter when they run from a store with their stolen goods?

Who will raise the BS flag when the local newspaper, on the front page, glorifies government efforts to further extend the rights and privileges of citizens to non-citizens and then vilifies those in government who attempt to respect my tax contribution by restraining the financial transfer of tax revenue?

Well, I have, or I know people who have, said something to all of the “who will” questions above. In all cases I or they have been ignored at best and ridiculed, vilified or punished at worst.

I respect and commend those legislators who respect and act responsibly with my tax contribution.

Regarding the question of who will raise the BS flag on the local newspaper for making front-page news of a protest for privileges to non-citizens?

I do.

Ray Schmahl

Glenwood Springs

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