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Letter: Why does PI print Talbott’s nonsense?

Here we go again. Ross Talbott’s latest gem is consistent with his long string of “columns” offering made up facts (i.e. nonsense) to support preconceived positions. Example: “ …the founders of this formerly great country were not ruling-class people but were escaping the tyranny of rulers.”

What? Wealth equals power, and not surprisingly, most of our all-white, all-male founders were wealthy. They were the American ruling class and as such, they sought to transfer power from the British ruling class to themselves. (Washington was the richest man on the continent.) Every country needs rulers and these guys were looking to become ours. They succeeded, and, considering their faults, differences and circumstances, they did a respectable job.

But “escaping from tyranny?” Ask blacks and Indians about their experience under these new rulers. Or, if you think only white men deserve freedom, ask the farmers of western counties in every Appalachian state how much tyranny they escaped from when Hamilton persuaded President Washington to send (and even personally lead) a federal army to crush their whiskey-based local economy in the 1790s.

If the Post Independent’s new editor and publisher want to adhere to journalistic ethics and high standards, why do they continue printing a so-called “columnist” whose style consists of sometimes almost-incoherent rambling while he consistently makes up facts? Might it be because he is, by local standards, a rich man representative of our local ruling class and like their predecessors, they are afraid of economic consequences to their journalism business (and to themselves) if they actually apply the standards they espouse to his monthly babble by refusing to publish it as journalism?

Ron Kokish


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