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Letter: Why no Glenwood convention center?

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

Isn’t it surprising that as popular as Glenwood is, that it doesn’t have a convention center? As Glenwood draws all the accolades, it does well enough without a convention center, after all, people come to experience the charm, not the business in Glenwood … or is this an overlooked facet?

This might be another case where Glenwood doesn’t have, or hasn’t budgeted for the room. Where would it be put? Relatively level areas skirting the mountains exist, either on Iron Mountain north of town or above The Meadows. Chunks of land around town are taken: Glenwood Hot Spring bought the old Big Horn Toyota site for parking, Two Rivers Park is already taken, any place south of the Colorado River would not blend into the residential, business nature of town … unless it was on the east end of Seventh Street. Ideally, this venue should be within walking distance to hotels and eateries.

The best compromise would be above The Meadows if it doesn’t violate any unamendable ordnances or engineering. There is plenty of room for parking; if not, there is almost a million square feet of parking at The Meadows. Certainly for a fee something could be worked out.

Other than remembrances of car rallies in Glenwood back in the ‘50s and witnessing events coalescing on the Hotel Colorado, Glenwood has been touted for families and small groups … insofar as a 1950s “short” seen at the Fox Theater in Colorado Springs that showed winter bathers in the pool with skiers on the Red Mountain slope in the background.

So what about a convention center? An editorial in April 15th’s Daily Sentinel muses about an events center south of Two Rivers Convention Center … (over 30 years old). As counterintuitive as it seems, Grand Junction has more money and hotel rooms than Glenwood would like to imagine. At a foreseeable point Grand Junction can really become a draw for professional sports.

To make a convention center viable in Glenwood would take collaboration between entireties. Maybe it’s too much to expect for Glenwood.

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