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Letter: Why rural school site is good

Bill Barnes
New Castle

A portion of the bond Issue ($32 million) is proposed for a new pre-K-8 school in the Ironbridge area, south of Glenwood Springs. Some argue that all schools should be built within city limits or towns, otherwise you are creating urban sprawl.

The truth is we already have urban sprawl with a commercial area half way between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale and another commercial area planned in the River Edge Development. The county has already approved a total of 429 residential lots in the Ironbridge and Rivers Edge subdivisions, which are near the proposed school.

All over this country neighborhood schools are, and should be, built where the students live. It will reduce busing cost and time. In addition, students will be able to walk or ride their bikes to school.

Presently, schools K-8 are overcrowded and students are taught in temporary, inefficient, inadequate modular buildings. If the school were open today, it would have an occupancy of 300 students who already live in the area.

This new school must be built in the neighborhood where the students live now and where the growth will occur in the future, not in Glenwood Springs or Carbondale.

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