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Letter: Why was Simon story written?

Before your Wednesday, July 15, article I’d never heard the name Bren Simon. After reading the article carefully three times, I’m still not sure why it was written. The article portrayed Ms. Simon as a shadowy figure, working through stonewalling attorneys and murky LLCs, mired in legal controversies, and having more money and property than any one person should.

Stripping away the tainted language, the facts presented in the article display a wealthy woman with a deep commitment to Carbondale, willing and able to invest in the commercial core of the town at a dark economic time when the previous property owners wanted the liquidity and safety of selling their property. She’s apparently donated huge amounts of money to local causes, employs at least Sarah Oates as an attorney and I’d assume the upkeep of her properties employ many local residents.

You’d think Carbondale would want 10 of her type of citizen. Which Carbondale town officials really expect her to appear personally for what are most probably nonsense, mind-numbing meetings anyway? Sounds like those same officials expect her to bow in person before their power. In contrast to Mayor Bernot, why can’t Trustee Alexander Hobbs just take this woman at the face value of her good deeds and investment in the town without the qualifying word ‘seems’?

To my reading, this article seems to vaguely vilify a wealthy woman, and besides invading her financial privacy. I’m not sure why it was written.

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