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LETTER: Will competition actually lower Rifle gas prices?

I have been surprised that there weren’t any comments regarding the Rifle City Market purchasing land to open a service station.

Perhaps it’s because we are just numb to the exorbitant gas prices imposed on us in this area, or are there other reasons we are not jumping for joy at this news?

There have been several discussions and meetings regarding the high cost of gas in this area, and in the end the gas prices stayed up and the distributor got a $250,000 government grant to build the only natural gas pump in the Rifle area. That showed me that you can’t question big business or big political contributors; we lose.

Then there is Walmart who also promised when they came in to build a gas station on their premises, but two years after opening I went to the manager to ask when they were going to build the station; the answer was, “We’re not, we can’t find a distributor to deliver here.” What she went on to say was that distribution in this area was locked up and that there would be no competition (lowering) in price, so no station.

Well, the question that looms over City Market is: Are they going to be able to really lower the price of gas at their new station, or are they just going to offer the points discount from purchases at City Market that we already get at a couple of local stations? If they’re not going to significantly lower the base price of gas, then I say don’t bother building. We don’t need another station, we need lower gas prices.

I use the City Market point system when buying gas, especially when I go to Grand Junction, so I, along with everyone else, know the prices there. I really hope they intend to be as realistic with the prices here; obviously the current station owners and distributors are not.

And finally, I don’t know how they do it but in Eagle at the Costco station, they have somehow gotten around (at least in part), the extravagant price of gas in this area. So, City Market, it can be done. Good luck to you and to the citizens of Rifle in this effort. I for one will support you but only if you support me.

Tom Collins


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