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Letter: Will the bridge devastate downtown?

We have been bombarded with how wonderful the proposed new bridge alignment would be for the future of Glenwood Springs. The 6th Street area could be redeveloped into a pedestrian-friendly commercial district, and the confluence area could become a new thriving business and restaurant area.

But what would be the effect on the Grand Avenue business district? Siphoning still more income from downtown Glenwood Springs into two more outlying areas is bound to result in business failures and boarded-up storefronts, ultimately converting what is now the heart of Glenwood Springs into a derelict shadow of its former self.

CDOT will be happy because there will then be little pedestrian activity to get in the way of a complete and exclusive conversion of Grand Avenue into State Highway 82. And there’s a lot of money to be made from developing the Sixth Street and confluence areas.

Are these consequences of the Grand Avenue bridge replacement plan really unintended?

John Haines

Chairman, Citizens To Save Grand Avenue

Glenwood Springs

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