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Letter: Wolf doo doo

After hearing the advice of so-called experts, some have concluded that Ph.D. actually stands for ‘Piled Higher and Deeper.’ Gary Wockner, Ph.D., left a big wolf pile of hot, stinking doo doo that shows just how deep it gets, with his ridiculous assertions on ranchers. (1/8/16)

Of course we’re all familiar with how the left (in their moral equivalency crusade) loves to use Arabic and Muslim words to criticize Americans, while justifying every Muslim terrorist act.

Most Americans don’t advocate storming public property, but the truth is that ranchers and city folk alike are fed up to the teeth with fat-cat bureaucrats who spew mountains of meaningless gobbledygook, but appear more interested in their cushy jobs (with potable water), best health insurance and retirement perks than really serving the public.

Wockner’s article shows how out of touch the enviro desk jockeys are with the common man’s struggles. They don’t see the hypocrisy of their tax-funded “work farce.” And with the rural West filling up with city transplants humming “Rocky Mountain High” in pursuit of the promised land, the enviros mine this with reintro of species, among other things, to keep their gig going. Oh, the hidden gems of meetings, focus groups and scopings ad-nauseum.

In the interest of diversity of thought, how about considering the book “The Real Wolf” by Ted Lyon and Will Graves, who interviewed those who, you know, actually deal with wolves outside the Yellowstone lab. Ranchers and hunters have been arrogantly told by environmentalists that they are either unqualified or lying in determining wolf attacks both on livestock and on people. One hunter, who survived a wolf attack, concluded that there is no reasoning with these people.

But in spite of all this, because Wockner’s article was so over the top, it basically caused me to wonder if he’s been hired by a certain industry to break up that unholy alliance of upvalley ranchers and environmentalists united on Thompson Divide. If that’s true, then maybe the real danger right now is wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Linda Dixon

New Castle

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