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LETTER: Workers need to be respected

Winifred Richardson, you’ve must have not worked in a hospital or spent much time in doctors offices because medicine has been the domain of nurses for decades now. When I worked at a hospital (in the ’80s), without the nurses everything shuts down: proving a lot of those eight- to 12-year schooled doctors are as overpriced as lawyers and maybe as good a start as a thousand at the bottom of the sea.

The real issue here is not the Affordable Care Act or who we can pretend we are becoming but the issues we as the whole of western civilization refuse to address.

Foremost, it isn’t the monied, the opulent that matter? Truth is, if 80 percent of the 1 percent happened to die, it would matter very little, because their wealth wouldn’t even have to be redistributed, whereas if we lose more than 10 percent of the working class all forms of economic disaster will ensue. Because (like nurses) their wealth is in what they do.

So if you over-educated economist and policy wonks get the drift, maybe there is a chance you’ll shed that snobby self-assurance that’s hiding astute ignorance under an education, and see that it is imperative we do two things to make our false military industrial (worldwide) complex economy reflect reality and not the abstraction of easily manipulated statistics.

First, we need to stop treating the worker as an expense but as the infrastructure they in fact are. Secondly, we must change the law so a corporation’s first priority is their employees (this long-neglected infrastructure) rather than their stockholders.

They’re now legally individual so it’s high time they man-up and take up the responsibility of one. Like those who work for wages.

We could ignore these things. But not without consequence because we never did leave the Great Depression but put all hope in a war-economy. Something that to continue needs a stable enemy — which fly-by Obama is killing off single handedly.

You might dismiss this as something a fool will say. But of course this is the fool’s office: Retrieving integrity when it’s lost.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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