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Letter: Writer misrepresented facts and problems we face in our community

Democrats changing the rules

The Californication of Colorado continues.

Our Democratic controlled Colorado Legislature has passed a bill that will give Colorado’s electoral votes to whoever wins the national popular vote.

If enough states follow this latest leftist lunacy, all future elections will be decided by the People’s Republic of California and New York.

If they can’t win playing by the rules, Democrats just change the rules.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Short-term refrain from oil and gas development only a partial win

I have been a hunter in the Thompson Divide area for most of my adult life. I can only praise all the people, groups and government entities that have worked so hard to protect this wonderful deer and elk habitat that I love.

Three times the Garfield County commissioners joined the effort to protect this special place by affirming and re-affirming the mission of the Thompson Divide Coalition. By joining their support with the overwhelming support of the citizens of Garfield and Pitkin counties, the effort paid off. The Thompson Divide is protected, for now.

However, a short-term refrain from the damage that can be done to such a pristine environment by oil and gas development is only a partial win. I must ask all involved (and especially the Garfield County commissioners) to not give up their support until permanent federal withdrawal of this area is achieved.

Chuck Ogilby

Avalanche Ranch

Writer misrepresented facts and problems we face in our community

In response to Dave Malehorn’s letter to the editor (“City should review how street tax is currently spent,” Feb. 28, Post Independent).

As a member of the Financial Advisory Board for the City of Glenwood Springs I have studied these issues and your assumptions misrepresent the facts and the problems we face in our community:

1) The existing street tax was designed to be used for maintenance, snow removal, striping, crack sealing, signage, traffic calming, street sweeping, etc.

2) This fund has also been used to help fund some other major streets projects including Vista Drive, Sopris Avenue, Donnegan Road, Mt. Sopris Drive, Eighth Street connection and the city’s portion ($3 million) of the Grand Avenue Bridge project pedestrian and bicycle improvements to name a few.

3) You are assuming a full 20 years for the new tax to be in place — in fact the tax has been worded such that it expires upon the completion of the plan (currently estimated at about 11 years) or at the end of 20 years, whichever comes first.

4) The longer we wait and the more we drag this out, the more the streets and underlying infrastructure will deteriorate and the greater our costs will ultimately be.

You wrote that you “strongly urge the city to review how the street tax is currently spent and look at the complete budget for areas that can be used to fix our streets.”

Having been involved in these discussions I am confident that our city staff has developed the plan that is not only the best we have available but also one that we desperately need. It is easy to say that “there must be a better way” and quite another to do what our city staff has done to develop a thoughtful plan that delivers real results. We owe them our gratitude and have a responsibility to our community to vote “Yes” to Fix Our Streets Now! fixourstreetsnow.org/

Erik Kushto,

Glenwood Springs

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