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Letter writers gear up for municipal elections

Consistency in carbon tax

At the recent Carbondale chamber forum on the proposed Climate Action Tax, the panelists were asked: “Why Carbondale? Can our little town really expect to make a difference?”

I am confident that we can make a difference, and one answer is obvious to me — Thompson Divide. We cannot authentically say “no” to oil and gas drilling in Thompson Divide unless we are willing to say “yes” to creating alternatives to meet our energy needs. Without clear commitments to meaningful solutions, our opposition to drilling in Thompson Divide can make us look like just another bunch of NIMBYs.

As a pledge to reduce our fossil fuel consumption, the Climate Action Tax allows Carbondale to demonstrate that we are sincere in our efforts to protect our pristine backyard, Thompson Divide, and dedicated to protecting such places everywhere. Please vote yes on Ballot Question 2A.

Pat Kiernan


Schendler for Basalt council

As a policy maker and environmentalist, I knew Auden Schendler’s reputation long before I met him, and I am excited to learn of his candidacy for the Basalt Town Council.

Auden is an author, an activist and authority on all things green. As the Vice President of Sustainability at the Aspen Ski Co., he has made the resort synonymous with protecting our winters from arguably the most important issue of the day: climate change. As a board member of the nonprofit organization Protect Our Winters, Auden effectively advocates on the local, state and national levels for common-sense policies that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to the warming of the planet. Now that is someone I want to work with.

Auden’s heart is in community work. Having lived in the Basalt area since 1992, he has a vision for the town that maintains its character, while promoting economic prosperity and quality of life. This vision is beautifully laid out in his platform, which can be found at http://www.aspendailynews.com/section/columnist/170146.

Auden shares my values and goals as a policy maker, which is why I am writing this letter of support.

Jill Ryan, Eagle County Commissioner


Rick Stevens’ character

I have had the honor of caring for many of our community children for almost 35 years. Mostly in the Aspen area, until I was able to purchase a very well loved and wonderful property in the midvalley (in 2012) to extend care for many more young children in a farm-like setting. Lots of hard work and vision was needed to see it come to fruition.

When Rick Stevens heard what we are doing, he generously reached out to help us. He is a wealth of knowledge and cares deeply for our youngest stakeholders. Rick’s kindness, willingness to help others and attentiveness speaks volumes to his character and continued commitment to our community.

Mare Wolfer


Why are taxes so high?

I would like to know just why our taxes have gone up so high. We are both on a fixed income and we can’t afford to pay the taxes on a home we have lived in for over 35 years.

We can’t afford to pay the over $2,000.00 in taxes that ours went up. This is the amount that my taxes raised from last year. I don’t have that kind of money, being on a fixed income.

Bob Gross


Vote Duroux

Leroy Duroux is an excellent choice for Town Council in Basalt.

Leroy is arguably our last direct connection to the folks that have spent their entire lives here in the midvalley.

And just as we need to represent the young people who are looking to make the midvalley their home, we should not forget to represent the folks who have made this the place that we are all so passionate about.

When I served on council with Leroy, I could always count on him to pay close attention to the important things, like our water, our schools and our budget.

And he always helps out at the farmer’s market.

Glenn Rappaport

Former Basalt Town Council member

Why to vote Stevens

Character, caring and community are the words that immediately come to mind when I think of Rick Stevens. I have known Rick long enough to know that he is an outstanding candidate for election to the position of mayor of Basalt.

He is well known in the community as a person who has dedicated more than anyone ordinarily would to further the community goals. His performance in the past as mayor proved his credibility as a leader and his understanding of the position’s responsibilities. His track record, together with his fellow elected officials, during his 10-year run, demonstrates his ability to accomplish community goals. Vote for Rick Stevens for mayor of Basalt.

Chris “Goose” Henderson


Feel guilty about your beer

After reading about the proposed Carbondale carbon tax I have a few comments. Thank goodness that those of us in Carbondale will be so much better off by taxing something that heats our homes, cooks our food and warms the water that we shower with. I hope all of those downvalley people suffocate from CO2 emissions in their quest for civilized living. Of course those of us in Carbondale should pay a tax. After all, it is “Carbon”dale right?

And in a few more modest proposals, may I suggest that the people of Carbondale no longer eat methane-producing foods. After all, methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. We should restrict the amount of say, refritos to no more than one can a week. Eat kale!

Also, you should really consider whether or not you should breathe. Humans create huge amounts of CO2 emissions simply by breathing don’t you know. And if you cannot avoid breathing, then at least do not exercise. Your CO2 emissions can quintuple during exercise.

Lastly, consider what we could do for CO2 emissions in Carbondale if we simply eliminated private business. If we just got rid of the bars and brew pubs alone, just think about how much less CO2 would be discharged into the atmosphere by the fermentation process. I hope you feel guilty every time your beer discharges those bubbles into the atmosphere that I have to breathe.

Michael K. Stahl, M.D.


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