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Letter: WWJD at Shooters?

Lots of talk about Shooters. Nothing like shooting the breeze, I guess…

And, lots of talk about Jesus in the same conversation. Praise the Lord, right?

As Boebert (owner of Shooters) stated with a smile: “I fear for anyone who tries to rob us.”

Well, I wonder if Boebert thinks Jesus would ever pack heat given the freedom to do so. I also wonder if Boebert thinks Jesus would whip out his Colt .45 and blast away at a potential robber if he just so happened to be at Shooters “breaking bread” (sans wine of course — booze ain’t allowed at Shooters). I further wonder if Boebert thinks Jesus would give her a high-five for stopping a robbery with guns and ammo (and Jesus, I guess).

What do you think Jesus would do? I am far from a religious man, but for the life of me, I cannot picture Jesus packing heat — or using it — or high-fiving a post-robbery shoot-out. Praise the Lord!

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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