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Letter: Xcel increase out of line

Can we do nothing by protesting to Xcel Energy about the new rate hike they are going before the Public Utilities Commission to ask for?

Electricity is high enough, and they just keep adding on more little titles to their bills so that when you have a bill of maybe $55, they manage to push it up to over $100 and or more.

For those of us who have no choice but to pay their prices, it would seem that they don’t think they are exorbitant. I am sure that they feel they richly deserve more money. If you read on the back of the Xcel Energy bill, they will tell you that it’s in your best interest that they do come up with more and innovative ideas. Of course Xcel doesn’t intend to pay for any of this, it has to be added on to thousands of customers’ billing.

Never for the life of me, have I ever seen a company who thinks that the consumer should pay for everything and that the company, which I am sure they take it off their taxes as improvement, get the full benefit of what they are doing.

An example: If I build on to my house, I can’t charge my wife and family extra for being able to access it. I can’t charge them for the money that I am willing to spend to just make them comfortable. I will be doing it for our family’s welfare and for our comfort in life.

If Xcel’s pole goes down and it carries your electricity, you can’t claim the pole as a deduction, you can’t claim undo duress for having gone without electricity because their pole fell over. So why are they not responsible for the pole? It’s theirs, they bought it. So they should have to pay for the replacement, and you should only have to pay for the electricity you use.

Xcel Energy and I will never see eye to eye on this. I certainly wish they would.

Audrey Jane Spaulding


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