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Letter: Zero tolerance for graffiti

Today while driving into to Glenwood on I-70 from New Castle I saw the scariest thing that I could ever imagine for the Roaring Fork Valley to encounter: graffiti, not the little punk kid “tagger” kind, the full-blown gangbanger, LA, Chicago, Denver, New York gang territorial marking kind.

As a community we must take a zero tolerance stance to this type of graffiti. I transplanted from a community that turned a blind eye for much too long, and it became a cancer on the community.

We must report this type of graffiti to our local law enforcement immediately and support their efforts to stop it from reoccurring. We need to empower our code enforcement / public works people with the tools required to paint over this graffiti as soon as it is discovered. We need to pass ordinances to stop property owners from leaving abandon property ripe and ready to be used as a chalkboards for these losers.

The chemotherapy for this type of cancer is a very vocal community that makes it very clear to these losers: Not here, not now, not ever. Let’s band together and make it clear to these bozos to go back to where they came from, your low lifestyle is not welcome here.

David Jones

New Castle

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