Letters from Glenwood Springs third graders

Today's third-grade letter writers, clockwise from top left: Gabriel Cordoba, Ricardo Nevarez Lopez, Skylar Baltzer, Briseyda Noriega Ramos, Annabelle Ashley.
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Editor’s note: These letters are from third-graders at Glenwood Springs Elementary School, written as part of a class project.

Add solar panels to new school

Coal is getting too old and out of date. It’s time for Glenwood Springs Elementary School to use solar panels on our new school (if we’re lucky enough to get one). Many schools in our school district have gotten solar panels. For example, Glenwood High School is getting them, and Basalt Elementary and Middle School have them. If those schools can get solar, then we can too. Therefore, the new Glenwood Springs Elementary School needs lots of solar panels, so we can burn less coal and keep this world healthy.

It is obvious that lots of kids and adults care for the Earth. I know lots of people who want solar panels. For example, I want solar panels, and in my class there’s a whole group of people (including me) who want solar panels.

Another reason is because burning coal releases lots of bad air for us humans, like ozone and soot. I’ve even seen a video that shows what happens when air pollutants affect your body and how it starts. For instance, soot happens when there is lots of smoke that comes from a big burning fire or a power plant. If people breathe soot, then people start to cough and wheeze. Therefore, it’s better to use solar panels to avoid all these horrible conditions and live better lives without suffering.

Other schools have gotten solar panels. Colorado Mountain College in Rifle has a whole field of solar panels. Just imagine that whole field of solar panels and how much energy it makes. The college students are very lucky. My wish is to have my school get lots of solar panels. It just surprises me that all these schools are getting solar panels so quickly. So why not GSES? Let’s use solar panels to burn less coal, so kids can have healthy air when they grow up.

We humans have the chance to make a difference. The solar companies can help by making solar panels cheaper and offering great deals to local schools. Come on, Roaring Fork School District. Make our dreams come true.

Gaby Cordoba

Elementary school needs help

We have a problem. The problem is Glenwood Springs Elementary School is falling apart.

A reason is that the ceiling is falling, and that is not safe, because if we just leave it, then it will happen in all of the classrooms.

That’s not all. The windows are not working, and kids need air when they are inside. A solution is to get a new school. We really need one.

Ricardo Nevarez Lopez

Be careful driving around kids

I want kids to be safe leaving school and arriving at school in the school zones. Kids are not always tall enough for drivers to see them and the kids don’t always pay great attention to the cars.

One example is kids might kick a ball into the road and then they might get hurt trying to get the ball. Some drivers don’t always look carefully for children. Some people get distracted driving by the radio, cell phones and children misbehaving or yelling inside the vehicle. When you speed in school zones you can’t stop quickly if a student is crossing the road.

These are some ways I think we can improve safety:

First, we can ask teachers, kids and volunteers to use stop and go signs and wear safety vests when on patrol.

Second, people who are driving need to be extra careful when they are in school zones.

In conclusion, I want kids to be safe, so please be very careful when kids are present.

Annabelle Ashley

Glenwood needs better parks

As a citizen it seems to me that we must improve the parks in Glenwood.

One reason we need to improve on our parks is that there is not a lot of equipment at some parks, such as at Two Rivers Park.

At Two Rivers Park it is usually crowded and sometimes I want to go on the slide, but it has too many people on it so we must put more slides in the parks.

Also we need real bathrooms at some parks. For instance those plastic bathrooms are not really helpful because they do not flush and it smells. Gross! In fact they are not cleaned very often. As you can see there are several ways to improve our parks and we must do it now.

Briseyda Noriega Ramos

Littering must be stopped

Too many people are littering and glass gets everywhere.

Littering must be stopped in Glenwood Springs. When glass gets everywhere people could get really hurt.

I know because I have a friend who stepped on glass and her foot started bleeding.

Also, too many people are littering and it doesn’t make Glenwood a better place. When tourists come and see all this trash on the ground, they are going to tell other people about it. Then they are not going to come to Glenwood.

To solve this problem the city should put out more trash cans so people could throw away their trash and stop littering.

Skylar Baltzer

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