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Letters: Gun-control laws will not make Colorado safer

Regarding the July 18 letter praising Hickenlooper’s gun control “statistics” and Ms. Rhea’s agreement that registration makes sense:

First, we need to state facts. Colorado does not issue about 100,000 gun registrations per year. Colorado law prohibits gun registration, CRS 29-11.7-102. Colorado may perform 100,000 background checks per year and 3,000 of those may actually be denied on the first go-around; however, most denials are due to data entry errors and confusing the actual applicant with someone with a similar name. After CBI informs the applicant in writing as to the reason for denial, most are corrected and the purchase is eventually approved. The simple act of trying to purchase a firearm by a prohibited person is a crime, yet only an extremely low percentage of the time is law enforcement dispatched to make an arrest. Ask Hickenlooper how many of these 3,000 denials are prosecuted. If you get an honest answer, you might get an education to the truth.

Second, absolutely no, none, zero taxpayer dollars are used to bring this lawsuit. This lawsuit is funded by The Independence Institute from donations by disabled citizen organizations, firearms retailers, constitutional rights groups, private citizens like me and a considerable amount of these sheriff’s personal time and money.

The fact that 55 of Colorado’s 64 County Sheriffs signed on to this lawsuit should tell you something. It tells me that these honorable men and women took their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously, unlike the senators, representatives and governor that refused to listen to their constituents and turned thousands of us into criminals. To Sheriff Vallario and the other 54, I say thank you.

None of these laws will make Colorado safer. All of the tragedies have happened in “Gun Free Zones” and prove that bad guys don’t care about your safety. So, be one of the sheep and try to hide in the flock. Hope that you are not devoured by the wolves. I prefer to be the sheepdog and protect my flock. To quote another patriotic American, “From my cold dead hands.”

Richard Teague


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