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Letters to editor: Readers angered by Planned Parenthood decision

Questions for Jankovsky

Commissioner Jankovsky, what makes a man wake up one day and decide to negatively impact women’s health in the whole county?

What do you have against a woman who works 40 hours a week, has four children and needs to check a lump in her breast? Or a teenager who’s forced to choose between a pregnancy and a scholarship?

What if you could walk in their shoes for a day — or better yet, spend 10 minutes barefoot in the stirrups. I think you should rethink your decision to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Jeannie Perry


No stand necessary

This letter was sent to county commissioner Tom Jankovsky:

I just need to give you my 2 cents worth. I’m not a vocal supporter for or against Planned Parenthood, but I am disappointed in the reasoning for your decision to cease funding them. Just as I would be disappointed if you ceased funding any group, due to emails from those groups against them.

Decisions for funding should rest solely on the work individual groups do, as well as the benefits to the people of Garfield County. In this particular instance you are quoted as saying, “I understand how important Planned Parenthood has been for women’s health … but I have to take a stand on this.”

Actually you don’t have to take a stand on this. I believe your job is to simply make decisions based on what is beneficial to the people of Garfield County, as well as what funds the county has available to allocate and not based on emails from any group, whether political or not, whether pro or con.

Beyond this particular decision I believe you are setting a dangerous precedent. Emails are a fact of life, replacing letters and phone calls. If you are now saying that you will be making decisions based on emails sent to you, regardless of their content or intensity, I don’t believe you are fulfilling your responsibilities, as a Garfield County commissioner.


Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

Antiquated views

The reason Planned Parenthood had to become political in the first place is because of people like Tom Jankovsky and his ilk with their antiquated views on women and their rights regarding their own bodies. It’s 2015, not 1915, Tom, time to quit playing Rip Van Winkle and wake up. Your lack of concern for women and their health is appalling. The commissioners should be increasing funding, not cutting it off.

If someone bought the Planned Parenthood building and wanted to put in a gas well I’m sure Tom Jankovsky would be leading the charge and be the first one down there with a shovel.

Chip Nealy

New Castle

Shameful decision

So, three old men decide to pull funding from a women’s reproductive support organization. Did these “representatives” consult their electorate? I think they should be ashamed.

Bob Lucas


Women can judge for themselves

The commissioners didn’t use their own brains when they dropped funding to Planned Parenthood. They were scared by the political group that is not bright enough to see that Planned Parenthood is a safe place for teens and young adults to go to seek wonderful advice about sex. The kids probably won’t or can’t talk to their parents about questions they have about their own bodies.

Planned Parenthood isn’t about giving abortions. They help with sensible solutions to earth-shaking problems the kids, etc. might have.

People who always want to tell everyone how to live are such a nuisance. If they had to adopt all unwanted babies and support and raise them, they might see that their opinions truly aren’t right for all of society. Women are smart enough to judge what their own body needs or wants. I have three wonderful kids and would never give any of them up.

Shame on the commissioners for not supporting Planned Parenthood. I can see only one of them I will vote for again.

Eileen Walker


Bullheaded mentality

In response to the front-page headline “GarCo yanks funding for local Planned Parenthood,” I find it interesting that Commissioner Tom Jankovsky states that the emails he receives are very partisan and he is no longer comfortable with this organization so he can’t see his way clear to support funding for young and low-income women who need help.

If I can recall correctly I still believe I live in the United States of America, it is 2015, Jankovsky is an elected official who is supposed to read emails and then make rational decisions to support the people in the community. I find it ironic that because of a particular political leaning that is asking for support, he is swayed in the opposite direction — and this is not a political leaning on his part? Politics aside young women, women, low-income women need the services of Planned Parenthood.

This is simply evidence again of the antiquated, biased, discriminatory, bullheaded mentality of our commissioners. Maybe someday Jankovsky will be lying on the street in need of help and we will just stop and say, “Sorry, you are just too partisan and you are too political, and I am just not comfortable lending you a hand up today.”

Lisa Wuerker

Glenwood Springs

Wrote a check

When I read in your Tuesday edition that Garfield County Commissioner Jankovsky persuaded his fellow commissioners to pull the $1,500 that was to go to Planned Parenthood’s Glenwood Springs Health Center next year, I immediately wrote a check in the amount of $25 made out to Planned Parenthood and sent it off to them at 50923 U.S. Highway 6 and 24, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.

James Breasted


Keep a local focus

I wonder how many of the other organizations receiving money from the county commissioners were required to state where exactly their money would be spent. The Salvation Army at the national headquarters level will not hire Jews or others who do not believe in Christianity, but they received a donation. However, the local Salvation Army does not follow that national policy of discriminatory hiring.

Our local Planned Parenthood is operated by Garfield County citizens who do good for our community and have been doing it for 30-plus years. Talk about politics. Keep it local, boys. As far as I know none of you are running for president.

Deborah Dawson

Glenwood Springs

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