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Bush Library dedication was an uplifting event

I was not amused to see your cartoon in the Glenwood Post on April 27

regarding the George Bush Presidential Library.

It is obvious it is not understood that presidential libraries are built

with private funds and when completed turned over to the government.

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I have just returned from having accepted the invitation from President and

Laura Bush to attend the dedication of the Presidential Library and Museum

on the campus at SMU at Dallas, Texas. It was an extraordinary affair

attended by about 10,000 invited guests including former staffers, foreign

ambassadors and leaders, senators and congressman, first responders and

state and local leaders.

Also with us were the adult children of presidents Johnson, Reagan, Ford and

Nixon, and five living presidents and their wives including President Obama.

It brought collective tears to most of us to see Barbara Bush help President

George H.W. Bush stand-up from his wheel chair to thank us all for coming to

this library for the public with his son¹s name on the building. President

Clinton in his usual good sense of humor made everyone laugh, and President

Carter acknowledged what an incredible impact President George W. Bush had

made in Africa with his AIDs project.

All of us were there in an upbeat spirit to hear President George W. Bush

acknowledge us for the achievements of the past six years in getting the

Bush Center up and running. His authenticity brought tears to our eyes again

as he thanked us all for our service to our fabulous country. Freedom and

faith in our future was the focus in much of his emotional acknowledgment.

Many of us returned to the Bush Center that evening with thousands of

families with children, as well as the students at SMU, at the Block Party

held in the soccer field. Later that evening President George W. Bush and

Laura joined us for the Lighting of Freedom Hall and the extraordinary

fireworks display, much of it in red, white and blue. It was a grand

celebration — the most enjoyable and uplifting event I have ever attended.

Shirley Woodrow

Glenwood Springs

So sad for America

Whether pro- or con-abortion, anyone with conscience should be shocked that

all charges have been dropped against abortion Dr. Gosnell.

Babies born live (were killed), and one woman died. Body parts were found

all over the clinic. This is simply a horror story that will now be swept

under the rug again as Obama gives a speech to Planned Parenthood.

Please, folks, wake up. There is evil in America doing its dirty business

every day while innocents have to suffer the consequences.

Our administration is soft on terror: Obama¹s middle name might be a good

clue to that. How long are we going to put up with gutter morality and

values or a mainstream media that will not tell the truth? Isn¹t it time to

stand up and tell it like it is regarding our anything goes, socialist

government in Washington, D.C.?

Money elects representatives and presidents, we don¹t. It will get worse

when we have no defense against a monster government whose agenda is to make

us slaves and put one world government in place via the United Nations. This

is the hidden truth.

Carol Abbott


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