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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Wrapping up your letters in advance of the election

Jankovsky cares about us and

our county

I am taking this opportunity to throw my hat in the ring for Tom Jankovsky in the election for Garfield County Commissioner.

Those of you who don’t already know Tom might like to know that he has transferred his successful personal business experience to our local county government. He along with our other current county commissioners have championed fiscal responsibility and commonsense growth, and have kept our county on that path.

I only pray to God that the other branches of our government would remember and practice that “if a man spends more than he makes he can never stay out of trouble.” — Abraham Lincoln

Tom has worked tirelessly to preserve the rights of private property owners in a world where those rights are quickly eroding. I know this firsthand.

We are truly blessed to have Tom, John and Mike at the helm of our very prosperous and exceptionally beautiful county. Tom Jankovsky cares about us and our county and I think he proves it every day. I urge you to vote for him.

Roger B. Eshelman

Missouri Heights

Sullivan stresses three key points

I’m Michael Sullivan, candidate for Garfield County Commissioner. Throughout this campaign, I have stressed three points, which I believe are critical to the race.

First, we need true representation for the Roaring Fork Valley. I represent diversity on the BOCC and a voice that’s currently ignored.

Second, I believe in accountability for oil and gas and will fight for health, safety and your property rights. I’ll start by working toward local reviews for any oil and gas development in residential neighborhoods.

Finally, I’ll create an economic commission with the sole purpose of bringing new business and new jobs to Garfield County.

I urge you to vote and participate in this very local election. I ask for your vote.

Michael Sullivan

Glenwood Springs

Sullivan a statesman rather than politician

Our county i​s facing another election​, with ​the​ opportunity to make decisions that will affect the community we all love. I have been lucky enough to live here for 35 years and have known Michael Sullivan for 12 years. I am supporting Michael for county commissioner because I believe he is a man of integrity and a statesman rather than a politician.

​Tom Jankovsky has shown that he is a man who says one thing and does another, such as promising to quit his job as manager of Ski Sunlight, and then staying in that job. Jankovsky is a man who has broken the Sunshine law, and later denied having done anything wrong. He has welcomed oil and gas industry into our county with blatant disregard for clean air, clean water and the overall impacts these wells have on health or real estate values. Although Jankovsky and the other commissioners are proud that they have not had to raise taxes, in part, they have sold out to oil and gas for their dollars.

Michael Sullivan is a supporter of a balanced approach to the oil and gas industry. He wants to protect the homeowner by having “a county limited impact review for all oil and gas development in residential zones.” This will protect the property values and the health of our citizens. ​Yet he values having the industry in our county, knowing that it is an essential part of our economy.

​Michael is a man of his word. He has spent countless hours on the planning commission and other volunteer positions because he cares so much for this valley. He raised his family here, and believes in maintaining the quality of life we all value, with the need to protect the air, water and overall health of our citizens.​ ​

​I support Michael because we need a balanced approach to county government. ​He needs you to get out and vote. Vote Sullivan. This is not someone else’s problem. It is our home.

Debbie Davis

Glenwood Springs

You can’t fix arrogance, but can

vote ‘em out

It’s time to stop the blasphemous comments about our beautiful and life-sustaining bovine friends’ excrement for the escalation of global warming. It is quite obvious, if you’re poop wise, especially during election season, that this phenomenon is caused by the B.S. that emits from most politicians everywhere.

That said, we know that you cannot fix arrogance, but you can vote them out. Take your time, vote wisely. Don’t keep things bottled up. Pop of few corks. It ain’t easy being the Duke of Downtown these days.

Lee Dudley


Dirty nuns and Sen. Udall

The Little Sisters of the Poor are a religious order of nuns who dedicate their lives to God, prayer, living a life of poverty, caring for the sick, the poor and the elderly. The sisters operate and staff the Mullen Nursing Home of the Elderly in Denver.

The National Organization of (some) Women listed The Little Sisters of the Poor on the “Dirty 100” list. This list is for the top 100 business that are against paying for abortions and abortion-inducing drugs due to their religious beliefs. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled recently that faith based businesses are not required to pay for these drugs.

Sen. Mark Udall is sponsoring a bill to overturn the ruling of the Supreme Court. Sen. Udall might be enlightened if he were to visit The Little Sisters of the Poor in his hometown of Denver. He would see these sisters have no need for abortions or abortion-inducing drugs. But Sen. Udall wants to do just that.

The value and importance of life is what it means to be pro-life. If you are pro-abortion, you believe in abortions and abortions on demand. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States.

The protection of the unborn is the responsibility of everyone alive today. The right to life is not just for some, but for everyone. We are the proof that life begins at conception.

Judy Campbell

New Castle

Voting is a privilege to never


My dad was a steelworker, but no matter how tired or grimy he was, he always voted. He taught me that voting was a privilege never to neglect. Even though I am not enchanted by the gridlock in Congress, there are basic principles of our democracy that I want my vote to reinforce.

1) The middle class needs to be respected economically and heard politically.

It is a corruption of our democracy to have the wealthiest people, not the majority, have the largest sway in the democracy. Our government was created for and by the common man and the Jeffersonian principles put governance in the hands of the people. We are at a crisis point in the survival of the middle class when 400 people have the same wealth as half the population of the USA. A working person has the right to a decent life in exchange for a full work week. Adequate food, clothing and shelter is a right of a worker. When compensation becomes so bizarrely uneven between workers and shareholders, something is wrong. An increase in the minimum wage would begin to address this imbalance.

2) Elections must never be for sale to the highest bidder.

Since Citizens United, the wealthy can buy limitless ads and try to influence my vote, I find myself resistant to their influence. The Koch brothers alone are spending $400 million on this election. Since elections have become so expensive, politicians need to spend half their time fundraising. Lobbyists are unduly influencing our elected officials and consequently our laws. I favor a system where elections are publicly funded and there are spending caps. (Finally, we might see a limit to political phone calls and TV ads that drive us all nuts.)

Those are my issues. When I study the platforms of the two parties, I conclude that I will vote a straight Democratic ticket, because the Democratic Party is the one fighting for the middle class and the common good.

Suzanne Lavin

Glenwood Springs

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