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Letters: Trump not dead yet

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by ex-Republicans. The Republican Party has been hijacked by Christian fundamentalists. This is not going anywhere but down the river together. Thank Donald Trump for trying to alert us. In the meantime, old holdovers from the New Deal and old money still believe nothing’s changed. Bless you.

Safe to say, Hillary, the ex-Goldwater Girl and smoozy Watergate prosecutor, as well as the opportunistic Barack Obama, are now well off, living the Secret Life of the Super Rich, as seen on CNBC, along with the peons in Congress and all other wannabes. No wonder they are out of touch with we the people.

So when FDR died, a witness to his passing train was asked: “Did you know him?” “No”, he answered, “but he knew me.” So Trump isn’t dead yet, but despite his money, he connects with us. Good luck to the scattologists who are triggered by his every move.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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