Masked anonymous crusader for right strikes again in Silt |

Masked anonymous crusader for right strikes again in Silt

Not long ago this silent do-gooder filed a complaint against me for parking my licensed enclosed pull trailer in front of my residence located directly north of Silt’s political lair. I complied because of my respect for Levy Burris, Silt Police chief and official conveyor of the masked crusader’s alleged complaint (even though I was legal).

A mere two months later, our unknown crusader began to harass another disenfranchised family just to the east of Silt’s political lair. Yet another alleged concerned citizen complaint sounded throughout Silt’s political lair and streets. Peering over fences into back yards and pretending to be concerned about civil order our neighbors were found guilty of the horrendous crime of having more possessions than our magnificent crusader considers appropriate.

Refusing rest and ever diligent, our sacrificial crusader has turned west, now harassing a pastor who has the audacity to try and help people. This must not be broached. We cannot allow someone who gives and works every day of his life to help people.

This is a warning to those of you to the south. Pull your shades, hide, don’t be caught trying to live a normal life or you too will be set upon by our masked, anonymous, alleged complaint-wielding crusader. I will no doubt be set upon again by our crusader, yet I remain undaunted. Remember, Silt, the fascist Nazis are alive and well in our midst. LOL.

Steve Robinson


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