Monday letter: homelessness |

Monday letter: homelessness

Homeless thoughts

I thought that a few insights to the Feb. 26 letter to the editor from Chris McGovern might be helpful in understanding our homeless problem in Glenwood Springs. Chris makes some very valid points.

First of all, we do have a problem that is not easily solved, and it is not new to our city. When I was on City Council in the 1990s, we looked at the problem, and our police department informed us that Glenwood Springs was a well-known safe haven in the “hobo community.” We were targeted because of our climate and our easy access to free social services.

We were not discussing individuals or families who had lost jobs or other members of our community who temporarily needed a helping hand. Do not confuse them with someone who could work but is just looking for a hand out.

I can remember when I first moved to Glenwood Springs in 1971 and lived across the street from a church. The pastor told me that he never turned down someone in need but would ask them to cut the grass or wash some windows, etc. Once in a great while someone would do some of the work, but most of the time it was “thanks but no thanks,” and they would leave to ask someone else for a handout.

Make up your own mind on how to treat the homeless who come to our town and do not contribute but are looking for easy handouts.

Marc Adler

Glenwood Springs


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