Monday letters: COVID Band-Aid, fire concerns, development debate, Boebert as a one-termer |

Monday letters: COVID Band-Aid, fire concerns, development debate, Boebert as a one-termer

The COVID Band-Aid

COVID-19 is out there, and it is taking a toll on many individuals’ health, but our response is incorrect and has been from the beginning.

We are destroying our soils. We are devastating the diversity of the soil microbiome by spraying insecticides and pesticides in abundance. As a result, we grow crops that are weak and void of nutrients. When plants are required to face the challenges of survival against insects and other plants, they grow stronger and more robust. This produces a nutritious crop full of vitamins and minerals.

We are destroying ourselves. We are devastating our gut microbiome by eating toxic food void of nutrients, by overmedicating, by overuse of sanitizers, by taking antibiotics and by putting foreign substances into our body in hopes of building up immunity to fight off invaders. As a result, our immune systems have become weak and fragile. More robust, stronger humans develop when provided with nutritious foods and through the challenges placed on the immune system when exposed to bacteria and viruses.

It is beyond time that we recognize the need to take better care of our home, Mother Earth, and better care of ourselves. We can’t thrive without our health or without the health of the planet. It’s time we recognized this and choose different actions. We all have the same goal: to build the strongest, most robust immune system possible within our human vessel to ensure our longevity and survival.

The best choices for the strength and longevity of our species are not … wearing a mask, excessively using sanitizers, cutting off contact with Mother Nature and other humans, or injecting a foreign substance into our body and relying on it to build our immune system. We can continue with the same choices and slap on the Band-Aid on our issues, or we can change our choices looking at the cause and considering what is best for our future.

Brittney Rippy

Glenwood Springs

Marshall Fire further raises concerns about fire evacuation and proposed development in West Glenwood

In the article about 480 Donegan on Friday, Jan. 7, the spokesman for R2 Partners writes that the annexation will provide the public benefit of a fire station. I find this to be disingenuous. R2 Partners has not offered to build a fire station. They offered an acre of land so the city could build their own fire station. Quite a difference of benefits.

I also want to point out the fact that both recent urban fires — the Paradise Fire in California and the Marshall Fire of the Boulder area — were unable to send out reverse 911 calls for evacuation. The fires happened too quickly. Paradise has a very extensive plan for evacuation that sits in each fire truck. It was unable to be implemented. The plan that R2 offers is reckless endangerment for the community.

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs

Does further development serve Carbondale or upvalley communities?

According to the “Existing conditions” section for the draft Comp Plan for Carbondale, 382 bedrooms are in construction or approved for Carbondale. Assuming only one occupant per room, and that 75% of those people intend to work, 285 workers join Carbondale. I do not see 285 new jobs from new or expanding businesses here (Sopris Lodge, the new lumberyard, another bank, small retail). The 2010 existing conditions report said that 65% of local workers commute to jobs, probably mostly to Snowmass Village, Aspen and Willits. The last 10 years of upvalley expansion and the new residents could push us over the 75% line. Cushing Terrell says “Carbondale is evolving away from its historical role as a bedroom community dedicated to serving affluent up-valley resort areas.” No, we are moving deeper into “bedroom community” with each residence. Is this what we want?

Jay Coursey


Let’s make Boebert a one-termer

How? By voting for one of her Republican challengers in this year’s primary election. Not a registered Republican? No problem. Go ahead and register either as Republican or as unaffiliated. It’s easy to change your affiliation either online or in person.

If you choose unaffiliated, you’ll get both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots. You can return only one, so if you have your heart set on voting for one of Loony Lauren’s Democratic challengers (or other Dems on that ballot), go right ahead. Otherwise, use the GOP ballot to vote for one of her GOP challengers, sign, date and return.

This may be the only way we can rid ourselves of Bonkers Boebert, given that Congressional District 3 is still gerrymandered to favor Republicans. Please consider this option so that we can get a congressperson who truly represents everyone in CD3, respects the office they’re elected to, respects their co-workers and doesn’t use our taxpayer dollars to work on their lounge act.

Clare Hydock


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