Monday Letters: Prop HH, gun reform, health curriculum, RFSD elections

In opposition to Prop HH

Vote NO on Proposition HH. It proposes two policy changes.

The first would curb property-tax growth modestly by lowering the assessment rate. That would save about $4,600 for the average homeowner through 2032, according to the Common Sense Institute.

The kicker is the second part. The same ballot measure would raise the amount the state can spend by about 25% a year, depriving taxpayers refunds to which they are currently entitled. That change would cost each household about $5,100 over nine years, swallowing the savings from the property tax cut. The changes would cost taxpayers an estimated net $21 billion through 2040.

Proponents say that is necessary to fund public schools. Never mind that funding per pupil grew 47% from 2007 to 2021.

Vote NO on Proposition HH. It is a scam to increase taxes dramatically.

(Data from the Wall Street Journal.)

Alex De La Garza, Glenwood Springs

A call for gun reform after Lewiston shooting

Ok, now we can add Lewiston to the list of town names that we didn’t need to know about, along with Uvalde or the Covenant School in Nashville and on to Lewiston. Can the victims even be identified after being ripped apart by the AR-15s? Ban assault rifles, and enact common sense gun reform … on and on we go since Columbine.

The majority of people agree with this, so why won’t our dysfunctional Congress act? We can do both: prayers and action! I am angry, sad and frustrated, and I hope people realize we can make change if we demand it, but we must speak out.

So, I guess I’ll get my Uvalde poster out, dust it off and add Lewiston, and go to the next March for Our Lives rally, and “hope and pray.” I don’t have to leave space to add Glenwood Springs to the list.

Susie Straus, Glenwood Springs

Alan Kokish and Phillip Bogart for an age-appropriate health curriculum

I am writing in support of both Alan Kokish and Phillip Bogart in the upcoming Roaring Fork School Board election.

Both Alan and Phillip are outspoken about their opposition to the current 3Rs Health and Sex Ed Curriculum. The other candidates are in unanimous support of this inappropriate curriculum. As I do support age-appropriate health and sex education, the 3Rs curriculum is highly inappropriate and puts teachers, administrators and the schools in general outside of their scope of the job of teaching our children the basic foundations of a classical education.

I support the common-sense, responsible and kind approach to our children’s education that both Alan and Phillip will bring to the Roaring Fork School Board. Please vote Alan Kokish and Phillip Bogart on Nov. 7!

Elizabeth Taylor, Basalt resident

Lindsay DeFrates, a caring and fair candidate for Re-1

Lindsay DeFrates is an outstanding individual who is willing and more than able to work hard for our students.

I was a career teacher and librarian in Roaring Fork School District Re-1, and for many years, I witnessed firsthand the immense impact a school board can have on a district. That impact can only be a positive one if board members come to decisions with open minds, able to look at the intricacies of difficult issues and willing to be transparent about their decisions.

Our school board is facing many demanding situations, to say the least. Transparency, financial issues, curriculum decisions and public trust are tough problems. Lindsay DeFrates is one of our best solutions. She’s honest. She’s dedicated. She’s open-minded and willing to do the hard work — not for just one goal, but also for the good of our entire district and every student in it. Election day is Nov. 7th.

Please vote for Lindsay DeFrates. And ask another person, and another, to do the same. We need her on our team.

Terrie Drake, Glenwood Springs

Betsy After is an experienced leader

I have known Betsy After for at least 10 years, and I have always enjoyed our interactions because she is just a pleasant person. She has immense experience in overseeing big budgets, is fiscally responsible, professional and would be a great addition to the Roaring Fork School Board. As a leader, she is open, willing to listen, intelligent and very thoughtful in her speech and actions. She listens to all sides and provides thoughtful responses and actions.

She has two young children in the Roaring Fork School District and is committed to ensuring the district provides the best services possible. For her, providing the best services includes the board improving its relationship with the community by providing increased opportunities for parents to participate in decision-making and ensuring parents feel heard, increasing teacher retention and ensuring the district’s budget aligns with community goals.

It is our responsibility to ensure we have thoughtful leaders like herr on our school board. Right now, our leaders are entrenched in their own thoughts and beliefs, and we need people who are willing to open the conversation and provide a thoughtful discourse without all the rancor.

Please join me in voting for Betsy After for Roaring Fork School District, District B.

Rebecca Moller, Carbondale

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