More letters on FedEx, coffee and more |

More letters on FedEx, coffee and more

The planned new FedEx distribution facility is to be located on about 9 acres near the southeast end of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport in unincorporated Garfield County. City leaders have objected to the site due the likely impacts on an already compromised road system serving the area.
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Let’s Boycott FedEx

If FedEx continues to pursue building its distribution center in Glenwood Springs near Sopris Elementary, then I urge everyone who opposes this decision to immediately boycott FedEx as a carrier. In addition, please ask your friends and family to do the same when shipping packages here. If FedEx doesn’t care about our community, maybe they’ll care about their bottom line.

Kat Neumann

Glenwood Springs

The FedEx mess is City Council’s fault

Here we are face to face with decades of neglecting infrastructure for profit margin. Point blank, it isn’t the county’s nor FedEx’s fault the streets are in such pitiable shape. It is Glenwood’s City Council and the NIMBYs who don’t want the necessity of arterial infrastructure in their backyards because (like the rest of greed-bitten America) flipping real estate has been wrongly pursued as a growth industry. The Great Recession should have divest of this falsity. I hate to inform you higher housing values aren’t the same as quality of life.

The problem that has gotten Council all upset should not be FedEx putting more traffic on dysfunctional roads, but the fact the roads should have never gotten this bad in the first place. Council and the mayor (who in GWS is simply a council member elected by council) need to quit whining t about what FedEx should put into the road upgrades and calculate what the past decades of irresponsible governance has failed to invest in upkeep.

What gets my goat is politicians blaming someone else for problems caused by themselves dropping the ball. If all the money wasted on studying the bypass and a south access bridge were spent on actual construction of these things (an idiot like me can see are necessary at a glance) we wouldn’t be having this argument about who is going to foot the bill for decades of disrepair. Now that the FedEx fiasco has exposed the problem, Council needs the get off their hands, do their job, and figure out how and where funds will come from to repair and upgrade our outdated infrastructure (such as the Sunlight Bridge, etc.).

FedEx isn’t responsible for our neglect, and population growth will be too constant to continue to placate the NIMBYs, or continue the age-old practice of failing to repair streets properly because it might mean a few more vehicles passing some old-timer’s front door. It’s time we move into the 21st century and stop pretending it’s the 19th.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

Support local businesses

I was driving down Grand Avenue when I noticed the former Arby’s building. I could not believe we had yet another Starbuck’s coffeehouse moving in. Of course this one is different since it has a drive-through.

But hey, Glenwood, we already have a drive-through coffeehouse. It’s name is Espresso of Glenwood Springs on Grand Avenue. Greg and his crew are there seven days a week to serve you with great coffee and a little local chit chat. And their prices are cheaper as well.

My point here is we need to support our local businesses as much as possible. I am guilty of grabbing a coffee in Target or on Market Street once in awhile, mainly because it is close to where I work.

But after talking to Greg about how his business is suffering since the Starbucks drive-through opened, I guess I just woke up and smelled the coffee. We need to support our local businesses when we can. So when you want a drive-through coffee, why not grab one at Espresso?

DeAnna Anderson

Glenwood Springs

New bridge is superfluous

The concept of Glenwood’s Grand Avenue bridge is interesting. The old one is sound (subject to an unbiased, engineering study), making the proposed one superfluous.

That aside, two key points are missed with the proposal: downtown traffic will move no faster; and second, there is no additional consideration for “people room.” (This is not to mention more noise and less parking for commerce.) A way around the core of Glenwood would alleviate these conditions.

What will the proposed new bridge really do for Glenwood? Stroke some egos.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

World goodwill and recycling

World goodwill and recycling go together, like peanut butter and chocolate, like love and commitment, like peas and carrots, like clean air and health, like cold nights and hot chocolate, like Bert and Ernie, like warm sand and bare feet, like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Tom Mooney


People act redemptively all

the time

One week ago I read a carefully crafted letter by Patrick Hunter of Carbondale. I had to reread it twice before the real message bled through his succinct words. His real message was hopelessness, not pessimism, but hopelessness.

Patrick covered dozens of topics; I will comment on two. First, he stated that the 1 percent cares nothing for the 99 percent, but he never mentioned the hearts, minds and wills of the 99 percent. Are we to believe that all of us in the 99 percent have been rendered mute, and that we are completely dispirited? On the contrary, unlike lemmings marching to the sea, we have discerning minds and a passion for our rights as human beings.

I believe in the people’s ability to demand justice, as has been proven countless times throughout history. As just one example, remember the 700,000 people who marched in New York City during the Climate Summit, and the other 7,200 demonstrations held around the world?

Second, Patrick claimed that as a devastating result of the recent election we’ll no longer be “our brother’s keeper.” I believe that in thousands of ways every day, people act redemptively in the lives of others. Most acts of kindness are rarely noted and certainly not reported on the evening news, but they happen.

I believe Patrick is wrong. I believe in the goodness of the human heart and in the integrity and strength of the human will. Therefore, I have hope for his future and mine, and for future generations. Progress may be slow, undoubtedly there will be setbacks, but the arc of history has been bending toward improvement for centuries and that trend will continue as long as those of us with hope continue to campaign for and work toward our goals.

Rev. Barbara Palmer

Glenwood Springs

Please return my license plate

I guess that’s what I get for bragging that I lived in a place where people didn’t steal things that didn’t belong to them. Can’t say that anymore.

Will the person who stole the license plate off my pickup (ZG-86) please return it? While it may look great in your collection, it belongs on my truck and I need it. I can’t afford to buy new plates due to your thoughtlessness.

Pam Hope


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