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Racism, actually

Roland McLean lists interesting experiences in his Aug. 31 column on politics and racism.

However, marching around with Confederate flags, torches and contingents of armed participants qualifies for me as racist, and no amount of equivocating with “liberal” media contributors will change that. Anyone, including Trump supporters, is indeed complicit and racist if they cheer these misfits or are silent. It is hard to be “counterproductive” when countering racism.

Also, when Mr. McLean speaks of “accomplishment” as the new judgment criteria, free of racial consideration, I understand his meaning to be successful accumulation of money. We are experiencing where that view of accomplishment has taken us. Who can argue that our “accomplished” president has any experience other than the accumulation of wealth that makes him good or moral or knowledgeable about running the country?

The United States has a subtle racism that pervades in rental preferences; as Mr. McLean pointed out, zoning laws; loan policies; environmental decisions; and police assumptions, to mention a few, all of which continue to hobble equality for nonwhites and the poor.

The impoverished who deal with circumstances of birth which may be racial and /or economic have daily accomplishments that are not deemed success. It is true that large segments of our population believe in preferential policy that keeps inequity firmly in place. To not talk about it ensures it will remain unexamined. This is political and this is racist.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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