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Readers Say Thanks

Helpful Cdale businesses

We are writing to thank some amazing businesses here in Carbondale.

First, we would like to thank Aaron Taylor and Darren Broome from Aloha Mountain Cyclery for volunteering their time and resources to Carbondale Middle School. They came for over three hours and worked on many different bikes that needed repair. They fixed our brakes and chains and showed us how to do our own repairs. Darren and Aaron brought many extra parts to fix up the bikes.

Also, we would like to thank Jenny from Ragged Mountain Sports for donating tubes to CMS. She donated many tubes to CMS, and we used those tubes to fix many flat tires. Overall, we were able to repair at least 20 bikes. We were able to learn how to fix our bikes, and now we have bikes ready for our end of year ride to Red Hill and for all summer long!

Thanks again to these generous businesses.

sixth-graders at Carbondale Middle School

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