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Readers Say Thanks

Sailing misadventure ends well

We want to thank the young people who rescued us from a sailing misadventure.

Recently my friend Laurren Whistler and I prepared to sail my small scow on Ruedi Reservoir. After rigging the boat we set sail with a light breeze. However, as we neared the center of the reservoir a strong gust of wind overpowered us. Despite our best efforts the boat was knocked over with the mast in the water.

Almost immediately a power boat with six concerned Glenwood Springs High School students arrived. They had seen the capsize and came to our rescue. Laurren had been thrown under the sails but managed to free herself and was pulled from the water by our rescuers.

After I secured our boat to the power boat they pulled me aboard. They wrapped us in warm clothes as we were both hypothermic. Meanwhile two hardy souls from a second power boat jumped in to help right the sailboat and tow it to shore.

These young angels saved our lives. So thanks to the voluntary efforts of these young boaters the day was saved and disaster averted. Proving the generous heart of the current generation of young adults.

Jack Petersen

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