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Readers Say Thanks

Aspen Science Center a great place for kids

Recently we had the opportunity to take Ms. Caputo’s SES fifth-grade class to the Aspen Science Center.

What an awesome place. There were so many fun science activities for the students to do. They could build a marble run, create an electric circuit to make a fan spin, investigate different items under a microscope, and build a Lego car to race down a track.

The most popular station for our group was where the students used various materials to build “boats” and/or “cars” to test out how wind can move them on the provided track or water lane. There were several other activities available, also. One thing’s for sure…this class didn’t get bored.

Aspen Science Center is available for school groups, as well as individual exploring on Wednesdays and Sundays. Go have a blast.

Jackie Caputo and Cindy Washburn

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