SB 252 gives rural Colorado a brighter future |

SB 252 gives rural Colorado a brighter future

It is striking that on the same day that our global concentration of carbon dioxide passed the 400 parts per million mark the Post Independent had a front-page story about Carbondale’s Bob Rankin, 57th District representative, opposing an up to 2 percent electric rate increase to double the goal of renewable energy in selected markets to 20 percent.

He called it the worst bill this year for rural Colorado. Is that the same rural Colorado (his district) that Bob wants to “Frack Baby Frack” or is it the farmers on the eastern slope who are saving their family farms with wind turbine leases or the thousands of workers in rural Colorado building wind turbines for use around North America and installing solar panels on homes? Bob might want to stop meeting with lobbyists and start really looking at choices for the future of rural Colorado.

SB 252 gives rural Colorado a brighter future. While it will not reverse the ominous increases in CO2 emissions, it is a step in the right direction. I hope that Gov. Hickenlooper will ignore Rankin’s recitation of coal lobby talking points and sign the bill into law. Rural Colorado needs an economic future that is more majestic than trading pollution for jobs.

Robert Schultz


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