Sundin off-base in his column |

Sundin off-base in his column


Hal Sundin in his “As I See It” column writes in his June 6 submission about “Making Political Mountains Out of Molehills.”

Benghazi was his first mountain issue. We Americans shouldn’t be concerned about Benghazi because “it fades in comparison to worse attacks that have occurred over the past 35 years.” We have the facts on the other attacks, but the Obama regime has kept the truth from Americans just as they have the gun sale to Mexican gangs. All we ask is the truth. Someone dropped the ball on this attack and Americans died. Facts, not excuses, that’s why we are making a mountain out of the attack.

“Should it come as any surprise that using Tea Party in their name would be like waving a red flag, and would invite a closer scrutiny of their applications?” This is our fault that the IRS singled us out for the “scrutiny of their (nonprofit) applications.” This deserves no response and speaks for itself as to your idea of what the First Amendment promises and protects.

Mr. Sundin, I am a member of the NRA, and I receive emails, letters and magazines from them on a daily basis, and nowhere have I read or do I believe in an armed confrontation with U.S. armed forces over semi-automatic firearms or high capacity magazines. We will defend our constitutional rights to own and use all legal firearms that are guaranteed by the Second Amendment, in court or in the news media against “delusional” writers such as Mr. Sundin.

He writes, “We should be focusing on the crucial and very real threats to our First Amendment rights — freedom of the press (media) — from the rapidly expanding reach of government surveillance in the name of national security.” This applies to you and to those who run in your political arena but not to the Tea Party, those of us who want the truth about Benghazi and the Mexican gun sale or if you are a member of the NRA.

The threats can be found in your own writings Mr. Sundin.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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