Surls museum a no-brainer |

Surls museum a no-brainer

For the past 29 years I have seen Carbondale become a destination town without equal.  I have always maintained that our town is the HUB of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Cultural events, First Fridays, Mountain Fair, and so much more to attract visitors.  Now to have the opportunity to be home to a museum recognizing a world class artist like James Surls seems, to me, to be a no-brainer.  I believe that the economic effect would be a true benefit to all Carbondale businesses and the museum would enhance our stature in the arts community a direction in which our town has been steadily going.

Someday people will say “If you are going to visit the Surls Museum in Carbondale, you might take a day and go see Aspen”.  Thanks for listening.

Skip Bell

Manager, The Pour House


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