The terrorists didn’t win |

The terrorists didn’t win

In Response to ‘The Terrorists Won.’ The city of Boston didn’t force anyone who wasn’t willing to give a few hours of their life to catch a coward and a murderer. It took five days to catch the terrorists, and for those five days, I was never more proud to be an American.

When it was over, the Watertown residents lined the streets to applaud the police, and broke out in unison to God Bless America. We live in a different world now since Sept. 11, and it shows that all of us citizens will stand up to terrorism and do whatever it takes to bring cowards to justice. Any proud Boston resident will attest to the fact that you can run but you can’t hide.

With cell phones and social media, citizens will do whatever it takes to find terrorists. Just as a rallying cry was ‘Here Come the British’, let ‘We are Boston Strong’ rally the nation.

Harry Harrison

New Castle and Beverly, Mass.

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