Too many useless government regs |

Too many useless government regs

Barb Coddington wrote a cogent letter in rebuttal to my comments about the Green Machine. However, she missed the point.

I’m not against environmental regulations. I supported NEPA requirements during the development of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon at times to the consternation of my bosses in Denver. What I am against is the unwarranted, and often ridiculous, development of rules by agencies taking authority from the laws to delay and add cost to beneficial projects with no real benefit to our natural environment. Some examples are fairy shrimp and elderberry beetles delaying highway projects in California, and closer to home the installation of miles of burlap tubes on the highway project south of Meeker, whose only purpose seems to be to prevent runoff from highway slopes from watering adjacent sagebrush covered fields. Thousands of other examples can be cited.

Humans (that’s us) deserve a decent standard of living unhampered by useless governmental regulations.

Too much effort by the Green Machine is preventing that from happening.

Dick Prosence


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