U.S. no longer the country my forefathers fought and died for


This is not the country or freedoms that my forefathers fought and died for.

First we had Fast & Furious: We still don’t know who approved this program, and Eric Holder is under contempt of Congress for not being forthright.

Then we had the GSA scandal: tens of millions spent on conferences. Again no one person has been held responsible.

Then we got the DOJ tapping the phones and e-mail of more than 50 reporters and executives of the Associated Press. During this same time they were spying on a Fox News reporter and his parents.

And what about the two IRS scandals first targeting conservative organizations and their donors, second the $50 million spent on conventions in three years at the same time the country is going through the worst recession since the Great Depression.

That’s not all folks, now we have the NSA getting an open-ended warrant to collect all data of all subscribers of Verizon.

And several days later we find out that the government is tracking all the internet traffic on all U.S. citizens.

And they’re building the largest data storage in the world: It’s capable of collecting 5 zettabytes (1 zettabyte is equivalent to 1 billion i-Phones).  And all the president can do is lie, deny and alibi. Lie about what really is going on in this country, deny any knowledge that it was going on (he heard it on TV same as us?) and alibi all his cronies that are involved in these scandals.  

Oh, let’s not forget the Benghazi scandal.

And what about Kathleen Sebelius denying life for a little girl. Kathleen Sebelius is not a doctor, so we have government overruling what the doctors say is necessary to save this girl’s life. (This is what we can expect with Obamacare).

This is government run amok. Wake up, America, you’re no longer a citizen with freedoms and rights. The government looks at you as how much money can we tax you for all their illegal and immoral programs.

Steven Elmore


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