Vote no on Amendment 66 |

Vote no on Amendment 66

On Tuesday afternoon I attended the school finance meeting at Glenwood Springs High School. The co-sponsors, state Sen. Michael Johnston and Rep. Millie Hamner, of Senate Bill 213 leading to the $1 billion tax increase, explained the new finance bill.

When asked a question about responding to those opposing the tax increase Representative Hamner stated: “The success of a community depends on the success of its children.”

If one examines tax increases in the two major school districts in Garfield County, RE-1 and RE-2, interesting comparisons may help in making an informed decision on the November ballot. In 2011, RE-1 voted for a tax increase ($4.8 million) for their school district, RE-2 opposed their tax increase ($3 million). With their success RE-1 awarded school district employees a bonus, while RE-2 cut the school week to four days.

In August, 2013, the latest academic test scores were released. RE-1 test results showed a decline, RE-2 improved. It’s an interesting comparison: RE-1 had higher taxes and lower achievement scores; RE-2, no tax increase and higher achievement scores.

For the success of the community and the children, vote NO on amendment 66.

Joyce Rankin


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