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Warming deniers blame the messenger

In response to Mr. Blankenship’s letter of Jan. 20, it’s amusing to me the way you and your ilk continue to beat up the messenger. (Hal Sundin).

To the deniers who are drinking the Rush Limbaugh Koolaid: Wake up, your thoughts and reasoning have long since gone the way of the dinosaur. An interesting blog for you to read would be, “Who are the deniers and court jesters” by Joe Romm 08/18/07. Do you guys really want to be known as the “dumb” segment of the argument?

I have never known Mr. Sundin to express anything but proven scientific facts. You guys that are the 3 percent to 5 percent who would deny it was raining if you were in a thunderstorm. Please quit embarrassing yourself and get educated.

Ken Fry

Glenwood Springs

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