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We need more school resource officers

Since 1992, there have been approximately 270 violent deaths that have occurred in schools according to the National School Safety Center; 207 of those deaths were due to school shootings.

Many people had said that they never thought something like a school shooting would ever happen in their community, but it did. In our community, people probably think the same thing too. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Stationed police officers would have the most impact when trying to keep our school safe. We propose having two SROs (school resource officers) stationed at school throughout the day and during after-school activities, such as theater or sports. The SROs would also have to have confidentiality with students. This way, students can feel comfortable talking to the officers about situations they are worried about within the school or any other setting that may put their lives or other students’ lives in danger.

Having stationed police officers in the school provides disincentives, because students are less likely to commit violent acts if they know there are police officers within the school at all times. We are hoping that people in our community may work with us to make this policy work for everyone.

Kimberly Mueller, Rebecca Grondahl, Porter Biggs, Ryan Funes, Jared Gambrel

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