Wednesday letters: dog incident, CDOT thanks, why not to vaccinate, West Glenwood development |

Wednesday letters: dog incident, CDOT thanks, why not to vaccinate, West Glenwood development

Dog accident

On the evening of July 6, my husband and I were walking our Sheltie dog down the main street of Redstone. A family was walking their dog on the other side of the street. That dog lurched and ran after my dog, knocking me down. I took a hard fall on my right side.

The family, who resides between Redstone and Carbondale, came quickly to assist and offered to exchange contact information. My husband declined, thinking I was not badly hurt. Since then we have learned that I have a significant shoulder injury.

If you are that family, please contact me at We have insurance but could use some help with the co-pays. Thanks in advance for doing the right thing.

This accident put an end to an otherwise special vacation to the Crystal River Valley.

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Linda Venturoni

Santa Fe, New Mexico

CDOT thanks

I would like to enthusiastically acknowledge the Herculean job you are doing with the I-70 highway in Glenwood Canyon. What a challenge this highway has been for the last couple of years — fires, mud, rain, rocks, traffic issues. And now you have to be amazing weather predictors as well.

Like Sisyphus you clean up the muddy, rocky roads just to do it all again the next day. But let’s hope this does not last forever. We are so lucky to have such competent committed people working in this canyon.

Thank you to you and your families (who likely would like to see more of you at home than behind the front loader).

Susan Cashel

Glenwood Springs

Reasons for not vaxing vary

Just read the letter of July 26 from Joel “Joe” Carpenter. Totally understand his reluctance to remain in the Republican Party. I think a mistake we are all making is attributing motivation to all because of the actions of a few.

I have surveyed a number of people who have not gotten the vaccine and not one of them list a political motivation — a desire to keep the Biden administration from getting credit. These are the major reasons for not getting vaccinated among my unvaccinated friends:

• Lack of trust in the unproven, not fully vetted vaccine

• Lack of trust in the medical experts touting the vaccine

• Lack of trust in statistics being reported by mainstream media

• Knowledge of results of former MRNA vaccines

• Knowledge of side effects of the vaccine that aren’t being fully reported

• Confidence in the antibodies produced by already having had the virus

• Faith issues

Maybe Joe has gotten different responses from his unvaccinated friends. I hope he has asked and not assumed.

Bev Reed


Other side of town

Mayor Godes and City Council: How can you be concerned about South Glenwood Springs’ safety and infrastructure and ignore the same on the other side of our canyon town?

West Glenwood already has a grid-lock problem with its current population. The 111 fire pre-evacuation proved that, with all the narrow travel corridors blocked with cars, including the roundabout and I-70. Had that fire spread, everyone would have been sitting ducks.

If 480 Donegan is passed, it would be hypocrisy — you can’t worry about safety on one side of town and ignore the other side. Putting high density projects up and down West Glenwood, as is currently happening, has to have an end point. There’s only so much growth a canyon town can take.

The 480 Donegan project is about three times too large for the location. It’s not safe. It’s overload.

I’d love the council to have the foresight to understand that frequent wildfires (and accompanying mudslides), due to climate change, is our future and to act accordingly. To be shortsighted for a few more homes would be devastating. Lives are at stake.

The Diemoz pasture is bound to be developed, so how about asking for the best for Glenwood Springs: a development with 100% affordable housing, to scale for the neighborhood in which it will reside, with infrastructure and safety issues addressed realistically.

What a legacy that would be for City Council.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs


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