Wednesday letters: West Glenwood fire danger, the pain of losing a child, thanks to snow plow operators, roundabout traffic hazards |

Wednesday letters: West Glenwood fire danger, the pain of losing a child, thanks to snow plow operators, roundabout traffic hazards

It could happen here

This letter was originally addressed to the Glenwood Springs City Council:

I was just looking at the terrible pictures of blocks and blocks of burned down homes in Superior and imagining that being West Glenwood instead.

Except West Glenwood has far fewer escape paths, so there likely could be many dead people. You must rescind your approval of the housing development.

Bruce Wampler

Glenwood Springs

Tragedy hit first responders hard

Nothing is harder in medicine for front-line personnel than the death of a child. I write to our community at large to acknowledge the tragic death of two beautiful children stabbed to death last Thursday.

As part of the medical team that tried to resuscitate them at Valley View Hospital in a grim, desperate fight, I feel compelled to acknowledge the EMS, law enforcement and hospital personnel that responded with such heroism. You must also be reeling with the shock and sorrow of it.

I know my friends and colleagues feel that tragedy in their core, and so to the community of men and women who tried so vainly to save those beautiful children, thank you.

We live in a hard world under constant stressors, and it feels that we are all increasingly inured against vulnerability and sensitivity.

The battle to save those children, as difficult a thing as I have ever been a part of, was waged by men and women with steel, professionalism and grace. It reminds me that there is a lion’s heart beating in this community, which thankfully anchors my own reckoning, and perhaps for all of us — a healing.

Ben Peery MD

Glenwood Springs

Snowplow thanks

Bravo to the road crews. It was an incredible, continuous snowstorm, and roads were always passable. Thank you.

Marlene Manown

Glenwood Springs

Traffic hazard at new roundabout

I’m writing this letter as a warning to those who travel up and down Four Mile. The new traffic circle at Four Mile and Midland is pretty cool, but the plans for the house on the corner are not.

The new driveway that is being constructed is maybe 10 feet from the entrance to the traffic circle. This means they plan on having residents back their cars out onto Four Mile Road at the entrance of the traffic circle. Alternately, the residents will need to stop at the exit of the traffic circle to turn into their driveway. They plan to eliminate the parking area in front of the house, as they would rather have them reverse their cars into Four Mile.

As it is currently, they can enter on Midland without reversing into the traffic circle. While I would think this is against code, constructing a driveway at the entrance/exit of a roundabout, it’s happening regardless. I ask those in the neighborhood to please watch for cars as they back out into Four Mile and to understand this was approved (and objected to).

I don’t understand why they would create a traffic hazard where eliminating a traffic hazard was the whole point of the roundabout. Not to mention they’re eliminating half the yard of the homeowner.

They’ll be stopping traffic there pretty soon to pour the concrete. Take a look, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I really hope they change the plans. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Jane Cravens

Glenwood Springs

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