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Why didn’t teachers pick up books?

Last weekend, only two Basalt schoolteachers showed up at the Basalt Regional Library out of the multitude who were invited by the librarians to pick up free books to give to their students.

This is outrageous, shameful thinking and shameful behavior by Basalt teachers.

How come they shirk their pedagogical duties in fostering education, home reading and home libraries? Do they expect to be paid money to do them?

Isn’t this the same public workers group for which Basalt and Habitat for Humanity want to building housing using prison labor?

When a family gets Habitat housing acceptance, they must spend their own many hours and sweat building their own Habitat-sponsored home. Of course, others contribute their sweat, too.

Government slave labor is a no-no in chain gang usage, isn’t it, decent folks?

Let’s hear from this derelict Basalt teacher gang.

Emzy Veazy III


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